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About Us

Gold Property Management & Associates, Inc. is a privately held property management organization founded in 2005, by Lida Moscoso-Acosta & Alexis Acosta, both State of Florida Licensed Property Managers. Our company was established with the following core philosophy of Availability, Attention & Perseverance.

We are always available. Real people respond to owners or interested parties, not an answering machine. The availability of the community manager is critical to solve the problem or issue at hand. We listen to the individual owners and try to work out a satisfactory and timely solution to their concerns.

If the difficulty is beyond our authority, we will present it to the Board, with alternatives to resolve it within the guidelines established in the By-Laws and the Rules and Regulations, letting them decide if the issue is something worth considering for amendment, especially when many people are affected and the problem is common to all.
Attention & Attitude

The affairs of your association deserve to get the attention they need in a timely manner. We proudly imply in our Mission Statement that solving community problems is our goal. Everyone calling our office do it to present an inconvenience. We listen carefully and put a lot of attention; then, we act upon to satisfactorily solve it in the shortest time possible. We know that the attitude of the management company is critical to the smooth operation of the association.

This is the reason of our “we can do it” attitude, and the opposite to the automatic “no”, the source of angry complains of frustrated owners with legitimate troubles. We are a professional service company dedicated to the improvement of the quality of life and property appreciation of the community associations and their members.

Problems do not go away for good. We strongly believe that to have them defeated, there must be an attitude of perseverance.

Perseverance prevents the owner, or the tenant, to become slave of the problem.

Only this approach produces the right and final solution. When the problem is overcome there are two happy ends: the owner and us. When we solve the problem of a unit owner, or his/her tenant, we also feel that we are preserving and/or increasing the value of the assets under our administration.

We never overlook this great responsibility


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